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Auswuchtpulver 505 M Inhalt 230 GrammAuswuchtpulver 505 M Inhalt 230 GrammAuswuchtpulver 505 M Inhalt 230 Gramm
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Auswuchtpulver 505 M Inhalt 230 GrammAuswuchtpulver 505 M Inhalt 230 GrammAuswuchtpulver 505 M Inhalt 230 Gramm


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Hofmann balancing powder 505


The balancing powder is distributed uniformly on the inner wall of the tire during the travel. The reason for this is centrifugal force. In the case of an imbalance of the wheel, the centrifugal force of the heavy point increases as the speed increases and a wobbling and jumping of the wheel occurs. The balancing powder automatically sets itself off against the heavy point and thus compensates the unbalance. Due to the flexible positioning of the balancing powder, the optimum balance is always produced without any further effort, even when the imbalance is changed.

Fusion Technology - The intelligent balancing powder

The secret of the innovative FUSION TECHNOLOGY lies in the different size of the balancing bodies. The larger, red grains concentrate in the center of the tire and equal the static imbalance. The smaller, blue grains move outwards and reduce the wobbling of the wheel caused by dynamic unbalance. The result is the best driving comfort for the entire tire life.


No balancing machine is required - simply tear open the bag and place it in the tire

Fuel-saving - a quieter ride and a lower rolling resistance ensure a longer service life

Longer tire life - less vibration and less rolling leads to a longer tire life and lower tire wear

TPMS tested - The specially coated powder has no impairment for RDKS sensors or the inside of the tire. The high-quality metal valve cap and the special valve insert protect the valve

The vibration damping increases the comfort and allows the driver to arrive relaxed at his destination

Environmentally friendly - The balancing powder is lead-free

No rebalancing is necessary


Overview of the filling rate table - Find the weight quickly and easily for each tire. (Sub-media -> info)

Step-by-step, illustrated usage instructions on each bag

Quality components including - special valve core and marked valve cap for identification in every bag included



Contents: 230 gr